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Reverse engineering

A cost-effective solution to
restore a damaged or worn parts

Hundreds of industrial operations are using pumps that have been in service for more than 30 years. Therefore, it is more than evident that the industrial infrastructure is at risk due to manufacturers' discontinuation of pump models and parts.

Fortunately, there is reverse engineering. Through this process, the design of an object, equipment, or system can be recreated, analyzing its structure, function, and operation, using a physical part as a starting point. And that we, at QVC, have been implementing for years!

Our Reverse Engineering of Aftermarket Parts is a specialized team within QVC's Aftermarket services that can replicate broken or worn pump parts for any pump model from any manufacturer. This way, we develop the spare parts of discontinued pump models, so our clients don't have to invest in a brand new pump just because spare parts are no longer available.

Our exclusive team of highly trained engineers and modeling experts utilize the latest technology in solid modeling software and coordinate measuring machines, measuring worn parts through the most advanced 3D scanning technologies. These 3D models are then used to develop the manufacturing drawings for a new part.

Through this process, we can also add value and improve or modify the specifications of the original equipment to meet or exceed its current performance.